Frank O. Ivaldi (May 1, 1915 – Jan 15, 1995)

Over forty years have passed since Frank Ivaldi’s original visions were turned into reality. In 1968, despite numerous obstacles, the goal of establishing two 18-hole championship golf courses had been realized. Now, over 3 decades later, Frank would be happy to know that his courses are still here and providing recreation for his community.

Growing up during the depression, Frank learned to live humbly at an early age. Forced to drop out of high school in order to work, Frank worked as a janitor and sold pots and pans door to door before he became a Police Officer in Oakland. Not long after Frank started a construction business with just two shovels and a dump truck and later would build two golf courses located in a valley that was, “too far away for anyone to want to play golf”.

Throughout the years, Frank’s tireless devotion and perseverance earned him a solid reputation in the business community. Frank was always someone who could be counted on by those in need and never turned anyone away who needed help. His years were never problem free yet he always managed to work things out by doing things ‘his own way.’

His kind heart and respect for others were attributes that brought joy to all who had the opportunity to know him. Pulling always for the working man and the less fortunate, his efforts in his community were outdone only by his loyalty to family and friends most of all his loving wife Cori who passed away in 2003. He is, and always will be missed by those who knew him.

Moving Forward

Sunol Valley Golf Club stands as a testament to Frank’s vision and committment to his community. Having just secured a lease in 2004 from the city of San Francisco, Sunol will remain under the care of the Ivaldi family for 25 years.

Many improvements to the course, clubhouse and programs for golfers are in the works. Sunol Valley remains committed to serving our guests and seeks ways to improve our customer experience.

We look forward to seeing you at our course.